We're going out tonight.

I used to be ashamed of this, but the fact is: if you've ever seen The Only Way is Essex, it is indeed the "way" I live. I get dressed up, I drink, I go out in Essex. I spend a lot of time in the pub, in cafes and in shops. Most girls I know do have that irritating tone. Most boys I know do wear more designer clothes and have more sunbeds than the girls. At first I thought the show was ridiculous, just dumb people getting paid to be dumb and promote their dumbness, but I'm actually hooked recently, you just have to take it with a pinch of salt. It's weird seeing the places I go to on television, sometimes I even feel slightly patriotic in a sense... It doesn't help that Kirk is ridiculously attractive, and even remarkably funny and clever compared to the rest of the cast. Lydia has the best style in my opinion (plently of Aqua dresses and vintage numbers), while Lucy is definitely the best looking, and top marks for the one who's an S&M model with a tooth missing. Ream.

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