Mawi and a Kebab

I managed to escape from the office in time to hop on the train for a Mawi sample sale. I never used to mind staying late at work, but when you're not in the good books - like myself as of late - the day couldn't end quick enough. 19 tea and coffees made, 30 lists typed up, 4 trips to the skip, boardroom cleaned and cleared and then set up 3 times, 6 messages taken, 2 wrong messages taken, 17 priv. cards hand written, put on the database and delivered, 3 couriers booked, uncountable and noticed mistakes, uncountable and unnoticed accomplishments.
And BREATHE... Walking the streets on Dalston was strangely refreshing, lately I've enjoyed seeing so many different parts of London; down a marvelous and ever so quaint alley I found the Mawi Headquarters. Amazing. Row upon row of tables showcasing the beautiful and eclectic pieces (and the amazing discount smiling away at me). The adorable cottage like building is also the office; I got to see the mood boards behind it all and meet some lovely girls including Mawi herself, for the second time.
Oh, and I may have bought something too... That gold bad boy at the bottom is all mine. I'll post more pictures of my new beautiful buy later on too. I just want to go out and blind everyone with it's shininess. Happy Friday lovelies, hope it's a good'un. After my purse's workout at the sale I came home to rest with a kebab, Modern Family and an abudance of magazines. Perfect.


  1. Shut up you got that?!?! You lucky bittchh, love you x

  2. It was the only one left, too. I love it so so so so so so so so so so so so so much. Need a night out to debut it hahaha x