Cheeky bit of Chanel

All Made Up

I don't think I've ever actually done a post talking my own make up, and barely even that of make up in an editorial... Well, first time for everything! This is a little ode to my beautiful roseesprit.blogspot.com and her ridiculous talent when it comes to make up. 

 Above is the first ever MAC eyeshadows I bought. My mum used to buy me them after hospital appointments, so strangely enough they're pretty sentimental! I got them about two years ago, and went through a phase of using the gold one just about every day. But lately I'm very tempted to go for a Cleopatra look with the pale blue Alexander McQueen for MAC shadow that I have.

Clearly a fan of my MAC powder...

My pathetic collection of brushes! I bought the pink eyebrow comb in a charity shop (it was still in it's original packaging and unopened) and I absolutely love it!

Recently treated myself to some NARS.

My entire collection of make up manages to squeeze into my tiny LV bag. So envious of Lauren's beautiful and organised drawers of amazing make up!

At the moment I've banned myself from buying any more clothes as I've realised I love the ones I've already got and there's something satisfying about rewearing clothes. I have items that I've worn so many times and each time I wear them I love them even more. Recently I sold a lot of clothes at a bootsale, some of the items I had worn almost once a week over the past years - really got my wear out of it! I love finding items that you know you will wear again and again and can mix and match. Off the top of my head I can think of dozens of items I have that I always always always depend on. May even have to do a separate post come to think of it... I digress, back to my point! I've banned myself from buying clothes and for once actually wanted to spend my money on make up instead! I went shopping and on my list was Primark underwear, and Chanel make up. Perfect combination! In love with my Chanel eyebrow pencil.

Hello, Hawaii

Have a look at the beautiful dress from This Old Thing on their blog http://thisoldthingvintage.blogspot.com/ which I now write for. I can't wait to get my dress!