Sew Long

Yes, I know, poor word play. So, moving swiftly on - I think perhaps it would be best to shorten this maxi dress a tad... I love it, very Aqua indeed, and I shall love it even more so when it doesn't trip me up. I refuse to conform to that trend which is the new trend every season: nautical. Yes, I loved it, and even plastered it all over my wall when Gemma Ward pranced upon a boat in Vogue in 2004 and I do indeed love to be beside to seaside. Though I think this dress is screaming to be worn with bright pink, canary yellow and emerald green accessories. Perhaps even ma new oringe shoozzzz!!! No anchor accessories allowed.

Well, that's Rich.

Nicole Richie in the no.2 issue of THAT magazine.
Love it.

Vans Ft Hermes



So, I've got amazing news, and terrible news. Behold: Vans made from vintage Herm├ęs scarves. Unfortunately, not for sale... I know, I know, who's evil idea was it to show us, tease us, tempt us and seduce us to a beauty we'll never own? I dry my tears with my imitation scarf from Zara and hold onto the hope that there will be an abundance of high street versions.


Be My, Be My Baby

Cheap as Chips

Luvin ma new shooz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Lakeside babez! don't even know da name of da shop it aint Kurt Geiger nuh nuh dese bad bois were twenty paaands.


I was on my way to the post box and POOF an art gallery appeared out of nowhere and invited me in. 55-57 Great Marlborough Street. http://www.ap-art.co.uk/ . Go for it.

Hey Good Lookin'

Model casting at work. Male model casting at work. Good morning.


Posh Porn #3

Caravan Chic

I love this issue. Every single page, every single word, every single picture. I especially love having Beyonce sprawled across my dressing table.

Three Favourite Things Today

Firstly, one of my favourites things today is that I'm absolutely overwhelmed with joy that tomorrow is in fact FRIDAY. No, I don't have any plans to go out in the evening. Yes, my brother's friends will more than likely mock me for being in my pajamas on a Friday night. Again. But I just love the feeling of coming home on a Friday, usually after having stayed late at work, and completely switching off. I stayed in last Friday and watched an obscene amount of films and television shows, but redeemed myself by going out on Saturday night to Vibe Bar in Shoreditch then staying in Dalston (a tempting five minute walk from the Mawi headquarters). However, I don't have any plans at all this weekend that involve late nights, alcohol, and getting dressed up. Which is strangely refreshing / refreshingly strange. So, I'm taking advantage of my LOVEFiLM membership tomorrow night, perhaps a trip to Portabello on Saturday to say hello to thisoldthingvintage.blogspot.com and Race for Life on Sunday.
Another favourite thing today is Beyond The Valley; a beautiful and bizarre boutique within walking distance of my office on Carnaby Street. I love having a quick look around at all the amazing designs; from the Alice in Wonderland inspired china, the brown paper bag inspired leather shoppers, to the amazing little trinkets that are perfect for gifts. It also lead me to my third favourite thing of the day; Dilpo. Beyond The Valley were loudly and proudly playing some of his amazing mixes.


If you're a bird, I'm a bird

Tarantino Talk

Quentin has a new film in the making, with the possibility of Leonardo DiCaprio being signed up to play a very very bad man. Have hast, please, production team.

Bumble Bee

The busier the better. This week I've barely had a moment to sit down, but I wouldn't have changed a thing. Since last Wednesday it has been non-stop, early mornings, late nights, quick lunches, and going on trainlines I've never even heard of. Absolute bee right here. It started last week with my many travels to the other side of the central line that is North Acton, and for the hour plus journey I had remembered my iPod but forgotton my headphones... Thus (yeah that's right, I said thus) cracking out the notebook and planning my whole entire life out... Then Thursday I met a friend after work for late night shopping. Late night shopping indeed, I got home around 11 and had to pack my bag to take to work the next day since I was going to Nottingham for the weekend. So, weekend carrier in hand, I went to work on Friday. And out the office I ran at 6.30 to get my 7 o'clock train. Got to Nottingham, went straight out. Came back at 6 in the morning. Slept. Woke up. Went to a festival. Slept. Woke up, got my train. Monday I went into work bright eyed and bushy tailed and ended up helping out set up an event at a hotel all day. Then presenting a slide show in the evening. Mingled. Ran off to the nearest train station to meet my friend at the pub. Tuesday headed straight back to the hotel to collect the vintage props we rented, then return them to North Acton. Popped into my old work on the way back (why not eh?). Lovely catch up with everyone, including a sexy fellow blogger throughmyeyesfrommyheart.blogspot.com . Sat down at work for a split second. Invited to a fashion show to blog about on the company's website; LCF's BA Hons Design Technology graduates show, and a beautiful one at that. One of the photographs above reminds me of a much more stylish rush hour. The patterns were amazing, but the trimmings, applique and make up even more so. Yet again, I had some serious eye brow envy. Mingled. Ran for the train at 8 o'clock from Paddington station to get to an audtion (shameless reality tv gold) at South Kensington. I was the very last person in the queue. I had a whale of a time. Got home at 11. Pigged out. Slept. Got to work, horrible day. Stayed late. Came home. Singed half my hair off in my not so relaxing bath with ever so lethal candles...


Up All Night

Best weekend. I hate this Sunday feeling. It starts around 8 o'clock in the evening when you can feel Monday aproaching, when you know you'll have to get into bed soon, when you don't want to sleep because you know as soon as you wake up you have to get on that train and get into work. Procrastinating. It makes me wonder about the people at work. Sometimes they're in the office all weekend. 7 days a week. 9 til 9. That gives them very little time to explore the wonders of the world, no matter how big or small. I cherish my weekends like never before. It's not like when you're at sixth form and every day is a weekend; you're always with your friends, you always feel relaxed, you learn a little, you laugh a lot. Sit on the cricket pitch. Skive on the cricket pitch. Eat on the cricket pitch. Stroll home, because you're in no hurry. You're with your friends, the longer the better. You wake up, you're late, it doesn't matter. Half term. Summer holidays. Afternoon mass. Supply teachers. Those teachers who treat you like actual adults. Colour coded revision. Lack of revision. Panic revision. New friends, new surroundings, new atmosphere. It all became familiar. It all became old. It all becomes mere memories.


Posh Porn #2

Backstage Beauty

I am soley smitten with Miu Miu's red lips and clumpy mascara, but what about Gauliter's grandma chic?
Though I suppose it's hard to notice any of that once you've caught Abby Lee's collection of YSL rings. Super jel.