Three Favorite Things Today.

Woke up to Three Men and a Baby and Breakfast at Tiffany's on Film4, then came home and watched How to Catch a Thief.
-It has to be said, Tom Selleck is not only one of my fave babes because of his beautiful moustache and beautiful physique... But he is considerably stylish in this film. Block colours, aviators, nice tailoring, and my personal favourite: the grey vest and black (I'm guessing Casio or Timex?) watch. Beaut.
-Breakfast at Tiffany's speaks for itself really, and another babe, George Peppard features. I saw the broadway version with Anna Friel near Christmas the year before last and absolutely loved it. The set was amazing as were the costumes.
-Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, simple as.
Babe, babe and babe.

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