Lost in Hackney

Yesterday, I tried to find an independent jewellers fair in Hackney Wick. To sum it up, I didn't find it. Not even close. All I found was endless deserted industrial roads (honestly, Shane Meadows would have a feild day filming there) and one street with about 5 people dancing outside their cars to the music from them, painting down alleyways, selling their Doctor Who videos. It honestly felt like we were the only people left on the planet. Me, and these bohemian nomads.
HOWEVER, a quick train ride over to Islington made the day a lot more worthwhile. The Old Queen's Head was holding a vintage fair upstairs; lovely. Ended up bumping into an old friend and also meeting a new one: http://thisoldthingvintage.blogspot.com
Also, I bought a very tacky, very AMAZING royal wedding teapot. To match my royal wedding plates and teacup, obviously.

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