Eagerly anticipating the remake/ new adaptation of The Great Gatsby. I hope Baz Luhrmann steers more towards his Romeo & Juliet roots, i.e solid cast, interesting interpretation, amazing soundtrack and beautiful scenes. If it's more like Moulin Rouge... Well, I just hope it's not. Leonardo Dicaprio would make a gorgeous Gatsby, and I love it when directors clearly have their favourites and work well with certain actors; Nolan and Murphy, Tarantino and Thurman, Boyle and Carlyle, Meadows and Turgoose. I'm pretty sure Dicaprio can bring to Gatsby what he brought to Romeo & Juliet. Oh, and doesn't he just get better with age? In Inception he was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. As were the rest of the cast, really. However, I still feel Brad Pitt would make a great Gatsby (excuse the pun) too.

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