Hook me up.

Leather jackets, beards, glasses, tattoos, pensiveness...


Recieving some delicious macaroons and champagne truffles for Christmas definitely consolled my lack of male companion for the time being! I fear I will be a comfort eating spinster for eternity.

My Frivolous Wish List

So many of these are strewn across my room, with magazine cuttings and doodles. Right this minute, I'm yearning for some pale pink reading glasses. A pale pink envelope bag. Some pale pink yet chunky heals. I think pale pink is to me what blue was to Picasso. I also would like everysingle peice of Kabiri jewelerry there is please!


Some of the bargains I've bought from where I volunteer.

Volunteering in a charity shop is baddd for my pockets.

Every Saturday I got to my local charity shop and help my mum's friend, who's the manager, for the day. There's another young girl who volunteers alongside me, and over the many many dedicated Saturdays we've grown really close and I actually love spending my Saturdays cooped up in the steaming room, labelling clothes and rumaging through bags with her. Lunch always gets us excited, too. I thoroughly enjoy my Saturdays although it's a pitty I don't get paid! All my friend's have jobs, they all get paid while all I do is SPEND; the trouble with helping out at a charity shop? The eye candy. At least I can tell myself it's for a good cause...

Someone help me!

I'm turning into Miss Havisham. Slowly, but surely.