Three Favourite Things Today.

Today I enjoyed a lovely coffee with my friend and a browse in the local charity shops. It made me nostalgic for the days I used to volunteer in Sue Ryder every Saturday, was so perfect getting to pick the best bits before anyone else, doing the window displays, steaming (practise made perfect for my job in fashion pr) and colour coordinating the racks satisfied my urge to organise endlessly. A lot of my favorite clothes, most read books and most cherished jewelry come from the days of volunteering.
I'm also thoroughly enjoying all the Batman 2011 gossip, Christopher Nolan definitely won't disapoint considering Marion Cotillard is now signed up too, along side the beautiful Tom Hardy. Constantly looking on IMDB, and grabbing the free Shortlist from the stand as soon as I see it. I love the style Nolan has, I genuinely think he should direct a Bond film. He knows a pretty lady, an impressive weapon, and suave suit and an amazing location when he sees one.
Overall it was quite a nice lazy weekend really, went out in the early afternoon, then a trip to Ikea and last night (after a long awaited gym visit) and tonight have both consisted of watching hours of Madmen. Don Draper; you beautiful sleeze.

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