These are about to become my reading glasses (changes to lense). Asos, at a measely £10. I also bought a Mawi bracelet.

Tell me

I am on the look out for a vintage dress for year 13 prom, and a new anologue camera.


I'm addicted to nail varnish.

Got her toes thugged up, with her finger nails matching. Pro nails <3

Billy Childish.

Today was such a fascinating experience; an art class with Billy Childish! I took pictures with a disposable camera so shall scan them once they are developed. It was truely interesting, he told us all about being kicked out of St Martins and the novel he dreams of writing. Watching him paint was surreal, and even funny how simple it really was. We all had a go afterwards and he found my painting interesting as it was unintentionally similar to those of aborginial decent and cavemen! Billy, he's all about the subconscious unfluences. A charming chap, endearingly polite and the complete opposite of what I expected.



I have come to a conclusion; as gorgeous and unbelievably sexy as Daisy Lowe may be... I actually think she lacks the style that she so often is credited for. More than often her clothes are boring, weirdly put together and although by (more often than not) some of the most amazing designers, she seems to pick the worst of the bunch. However, her "girl next door" quality is so endearing I almost duked this post completely. She can pull off anything fortunately, lucky scally. Expensive clothes can guise well!