Just a casual walk to Focus to buy some plumbing fixtures to make jewelry with, and a spontaneous night out in the beloved Essex.
I work Monday-Friday in a PR office, so given the fact that is was a bank holiday weekend, I convinced myself it was obligatory, compulsary and inevitable that I would go out on the Sunday. It didn't stop me that only one other friend was up for going out. It was actually one of the most bizarely good nights I've had in a while, we tried out a new venue (despite the ridiculous cab fair), and generally genuinely enjoyed it. Feeling slightly underdressed and not entirely loving the music didn't seem to affect our night much; laughing until the early hours.
This "we" I speak of, by the way, is my beautiful friend who happens to have a beautiful blog. roseesprit.blogspot.com. She's promised to do my make up the next time we go out, which will be a vast improvement to whatever it is I seem to attack my face with.
So, all in all, a rather productive/patriotic/spontaneous affair. Now I have to muster up the energy for work without any bank holidays for a while.

(wearing the rings I bought from thisoldthingvintage.blogspot.com )

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