Three Favourite Things Today

Firstly, one of my favourites things today is that I'm absolutely overwhelmed with joy that tomorrow is in fact FRIDAY. No, I don't have any plans to go out in the evening. Yes, my brother's friends will more than likely mock me for being in my pajamas on a Friday night. Again. But I just love the feeling of coming home on a Friday, usually after having stayed late at work, and completely switching off. I stayed in last Friday and watched an obscene amount of films and television shows, but redeemed myself by going out on Saturday night to Vibe Bar in Shoreditch then staying in Dalston (a tempting five minute walk from the Mawi headquarters). However, I don't have any plans at all this weekend that involve late nights, alcohol, and getting dressed up. Which is strangely refreshing / refreshingly strange. So, I'm taking advantage of my LOVEFiLM membership tomorrow night, perhaps a trip to Portabello on Saturday to say hello to thisoldthingvintage.blogspot.com and Race for Life on Sunday.
Another favourite thing today is Beyond The Valley; a beautiful and bizarre boutique within walking distance of my office on Carnaby Street. I love having a quick look around at all the amazing designs; from the Alice in Wonderland inspired china, the brown paper bag inspired leather shoppers, to the amazing little trinkets that are perfect for gifts. It also lead me to my third favourite thing of the day; Dilpo. Beyond The Valley were loudly and proudly playing some of his amazing mixes.

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