Bumble Bee

The busier the better. This week I've barely had a moment to sit down, but I wouldn't have changed a thing. Since last Wednesday it has been non-stop, early mornings, late nights, quick lunches, and going on trainlines I've never even heard of. Absolute bee right here. It started last week with my many travels to the other side of the central line that is North Acton, and for the hour plus journey I had remembered my iPod but forgotton my headphones... Thus (yeah that's right, I said thus) cracking out the notebook and planning my whole entire life out... Then Thursday I met a friend after work for late night shopping. Late night shopping indeed, I got home around 11 and had to pack my bag to take to work the next day since I was going to Nottingham for the weekend. So, weekend carrier in hand, I went to work on Friday. And out the office I ran at 6.30 to get my 7 o'clock train. Got to Nottingham, went straight out. Came back at 6 in the morning. Slept. Woke up. Went to a festival. Slept. Woke up, got my train. Monday I went into work bright eyed and bushy tailed and ended up helping out set up an event at a hotel all day. Then presenting a slide show in the evening. Mingled. Ran off to the nearest train station to meet my friend at the pub. Tuesday headed straight back to the hotel to collect the vintage props we rented, then return them to North Acton. Popped into my old work on the way back (why not eh?). Lovely catch up with everyone, including a sexy fellow blogger throughmyeyesfrommyheart.blogspot.com . Sat down at work for a split second. Invited to a fashion show to blog about on the company's website; LCF's BA Hons Design Technology graduates show, and a beautiful one at that. One of the photographs above reminds me of a much more stylish rush hour. The patterns were amazing, but the trimmings, applique and make up even more so. Yet again, I had some serious eye brow envy. Mingled. Ran for the train at 8 o'clock from Paddington station to get to an audtion (shameless reality tv gold) at South Kensington. I was the very last person in the queue. I had a whale of a time. Got home at 11. Pigged out. Slept. Got to work, horrible day. Stayed late. Came home. Singed half my hair off in my not so relaxing bath with ever so lethal candles...

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