Perculiar Past

The past few days have been rather weird & wonderful. Firstly, Saturday I woke up and couldn't stand the thought of just staying in being bored, and wasn't really in the mood for the gym... I wanted to venture a little further. So I walked to the train station and hopped off at Liverpool Street to rummage around Brick Lane. I love days where you're free just to wander around, go down any street that takes your fancy and not know where you're going or what you're going to find. I found a beautiful little church which I took a photograph of on my disposable, I found the usual vintage shops, antique shops, stalls of amazing and possibly undercooked and definitely overpriced food.
The following day I gladly helped out my friend at the aforementioned stall in Hampstead. Was a lovely day and I'd say her stall was by far the most interesting and genuinely reasonably priced, which is more than I can say for the gorgeous Will Young's stall... Lovely pieces, ludacris prices. Have a peek at This Old Thing Vintage's blog, or even better, pop down to Portabello which I plan to do next weekend. thisoldthingvintage.blogspot.com
And finally, today, a trip to the other end of the central line: North Acton. For an event I'm helping organise at work I had to find vintage Union Jack flags, which is harder than it sounds unfortunately! However, after hours of searching online I found a prop hire company, and visited them today. Found the perfect flags, and heading back tomorrow to get some more... Any excuse for a few hours wandering around and avoiding the office.

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