St Martin's Courtyard Garden Party

St Martin's Courtyard's garden party was beaaaautiful. The atmosphere was so relaxed, the weather was perfect and everyone was smiling. Facepainters, magicians and beauticians kept the crowd entertained during the fashion show's intervals, and Sunday Girl performed 3 acoustic sets. Oh my. She is stunning, and so is her voice. She wore an amazing mint green blazer and shorts, and socks with her heals. Everyone thought she was one of the models we were waiting for when she turned up promptly and pleasantly at 10am, with her enviable limbs and glamourous hair. We showed her around the ridiculous vacant flat where the hairdressers and make up artists were setting up for the models, a mere £6,000 a month space... She seemed happy, and through out the day she popped in and out of her rehearsehal space to come chat to people, eat some strawberries and have a drink in the kitchen. Even though I was working on a Saturday, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The first stress-free event I have worked at. I was basically a dresser backstage all day, and met some lovely girls. Little bit of networking. And a quick drink in Bill's after, and for the first time in my life I could say "5 Hedgerow Fizzes on the tab, please".

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