Somebody bagged a bargain, beauty and blockbuster all at once (Brick with Joseph Gordon-Levitt for £4). Feels like it's been forever since I bought a dvd. I believe the last dvd I bought was Three Men and a Little Lady (one of very few sequels to outshine it's successor, in my humble opinion. Selleck's moustache was back with gusto). I love buying the physical product rather than downloading, something even more apparent when it comes to CDs. I love to buy the CD, look at the sleeve art work, and put it on my shelf thinking how this will soon be as novel as vinyls are today. Rihanna (obsession would be an understatement), Marie Antoinette Soundtrack, Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack, Pretty in Pink Soundtrack, Best of Elvis, and Friendly Fires all currently are proudly placed on my shelf. It's a shame that the music and film industry is being affected in this way, soon they will be no need for the middle man in his black shirt blazened with a name tag behind the till, just consumer and computer. Before all stores that sell such things cease to exist, I may pop out to buy the first series of Mad Men since that is a band wagon I well and truly didn't go for a spin in, though seeing Don Draper here, there, and everywhere is definitely enough motivation to do so.

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