If only, If only.

Exams need to be over, and summer needs to start! I want to be wearing high waisted bikinis, going camping, summer dresses, barbeques, vintage sunglasses and packing my adorable vintage vanity case. I am a proffessional at traveling lightly, extremely lightly! My friend has a bungalo on the coast of England in a hamlet which I went to last summer; no electricity, just a beach. It was beautiful being away from technology and playing Monopoly by candle light, we even did a bit of cliche star gazing. I went for a week and took a teeny Topshop over the shoulder bag containing just a few dresses, a pair of sandals, ipod, foundation, mascara, compulsary vulgarly bright lipstick and make up wipes, and Lolita by Nabokov.
Although I am having an operation in the summer resulting in me selling my V ticket, I do have a camping trip planned which will be my first experience, two weeks in Fowey (Cornwall) and Lovebox festival. After summer, an art foundation at LCC awaits. Lovely jubbly.

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